Rio Hondo College Faculty Association

Fall 2009 Overview

During the Fall 2009 term, the negotiations process will begin again.  There are several “strands” that will be converging. First, there are some issues the might come up as a result of the cost-savings goal of the District.  These might include things like banking of classes and retirement incentives, issues that provide benefits for both faculty and the college.  We also have reopeners for salary and health benefits, plus two issues of our choosing for the final year of the 2007-2010 contract.  Finally, we will be able to sunshine our proposal for the 2010-2013 contract by the end of 2009.

The Association negotiations team met on September 11 to discuss strategies. A basic plan was developed to address the issues confronting the membership. Specific details cannot be shared on this website for obvious reasons. However, general plans can be outlined.

The Association sunshined (presented) their proposal to the District on September 29th. This simply included general provisions that will be brought to table. After the October Board meeting, the District will sunshine their proposal to us. We then will get into the details in November and December, when we have negotiations sessions scheduled.

After that, the real negotiations begin! Our 2010-2013 contract will be up for discussion. Before submitting our proposal to the District, we will survey the faculty to see what issues are important and to prioritize our requests.

You can contact members of the negotiations team to voice your concerns and express your gratitude.  They include Jim Chandler (LAC Coordinator), Dennyse Clark (EOPS), Cameron English (Math), Doreen Kaller (Communications), and Colin Young (Political Science).