Since our last update, the Association has met with the District on three occasions (December 4 and 17 and January 11th).  We are happy to announce that we reached a tentative agreement at our last meeting.  Some of the key provisions are that we adopted the 2010-2011 calendar and finally (after years of having interim language) adopted permanent language for distance education.

A few issues were resolved as described below:

Age of Retirement

After being presented with overwhelming evidence that the original intent of the 2005 agreement was to grant lifetime medical benefits to individuals with 15 years of service who were 55 years old (not 62), the District agreed that we were correct all along.

Retirement Incentives

The District will be offering a $30,000 retirement incentive this year, with some restrictions.  First, 10 people must take the option or else everyone gets no money.  Right now, we already have 2 retirees from the Fall, meaning that 8 more people are needed in the Spring.  To be eligible, one must submit a letter of resignation between March 11 and June 15.  One must be 55 years of age and have 15 years of service at the time of retirement.  One nice provision is that if 10 people do not retire, those who did submit letters of resignation (except for the two who have already retired) may revoke their letters by June 30th.  In our “Facebook Era”, one can “unretire”.

Temporary Sabbatical Modification

We agreed that we would try a minor modification of how sabbaticals are granted for a two-year period.  IF a majority of the sabbatical review committee agrees, fewer than 5 sabbaticals can be granted.  The committee is comprised of three faculty members and three administrators.  What this probably means is that one of the three faculty members would have to agree with the three administrators to grant less than 5 sabbaticals for a year.

Counselor and Librarian Workload

The bargaining teams could not resolve the issue of weekly hours for counselors, librarians, the psychologist and doctor, and the LAC Coordinator.  Therefore, a committee will be formed to make recommendations to the negotiations team.


A committee will also be formed to clear up issues relating to the evaluation process.  If an agreement is reached, we will bring this back to the negotiations table.

The 1.67% Load Factor

Please recall that “combined” class receive a 1.67% load factor increase.  This has been applied to honors classes which enroll non-honors students, labs in Communications, Physical Education classes and others.  The District wanted to limit the applicability of this increase.  However, the Association negotiators felt that this was a very sticky issue and therefore did not agree to any changes.

What now?

Once we return to school for the Spring term, there will be a ratification vote.  You will  be notified of this in the next few weeks.

Click here to see the full version of the agreement.

Rio Hondo College Faculty Association

January 2010