The Faculty Association and District reached a tentative agreement for the 2010-2013 contract on July 25, 2011. There were several major issues that were resolved and some minor ones as well.  A copy of the agreement can be seen here.


Hourly Sick Leave - For as long as anyone can remember, many part-time and full-time faculty who worked hourly assignments did not accrue sick leave. For example, a full-time counselor who saw students during the summer or a part-time counselor who saw students during a regular term would not accrue sick leave. This was deemed as inequitable. A counselor who taught a class during the summer would receive about 3 hours of sick leave while his/her colleague who spent an equal amount of time counselor students would receive none. The District was pretty adamant about denying the leave until the Faculty Association pointed out that this was a violation of the law. After checking with their legal council, the District agreed.

The tentative agreement specifies that all hourly work will be entitled to sick leave at the same rate as those who teach a load (1 hour of leave for every 17 hours worked) starting July 1, 2011. In addition, the District will credit accrued sick leave going back three years (until July 1, 2008) for anyone requesting the credit. Notice will be sent out to all faculty who worked hourly assignments during that time, informing them of their rights.

Desk/Student Contact Hours - Under previous contracts, counselor, librarians, and the LAC coordinator were obligated to spend five hours per week doing preparation and followup work and to account for those hours each week. Under the new agreement, these five hours will be folded in to the selected tasks outlined in Article 5.3 of the contract. This will increase the flexibility of those Student Services Faculty to work more effectively.

During the term of the 2010-2013 contract, this change will be evaluated by a joint committee and a recommendation will be made to the District as to its effectiveness. The District may choose to go back to the old system by notifying the Association by March 1, 2013.

Calendar - The 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 calendars were adopted. The District agreed that the summer schedules for the next two years would remain the same. Although the intersessions have been cancelled for now, the time slots are being held open in the event that the District decides to add the terms back in.

GASB Reporting - The District has set aside about $25 million in a fund, designated to pay for health care obligations in the event that the college is no longer around. The District will now provide quarterly reports of funds going in and out of the account to the Association.

Continuing Negotiations - There were several issues that could not be resolved since more information is needed. They will remain on the table and will be bargained during the Fall term as more information is obtained. These include the evaluation article of the contract. This article has been undergoing revisions for eighteen months and is close to being completed. No major changes are anticipated. In addition, language will be added to address a requirement of the Nursing Board that allows for administrative evaluation for those in the division. Another issue to be addressed is sick leave accrual. This is a pretty complex issue, the details of which are too involved to be discussed here. Again, once more information becomes available, we will provide it to you. Finally, the District would like to clarify the rights of the Association as they relate to communications (such as email).

Reassigned Time Positions - The 2010-2013 contract will list all of the reassigned time positions with the amount of time allocated in the contract. The people holding the positions will not be listed.

Weekly Classroom Hours - This matter is described in more detail here. The tentative agreement suspends the grievance timeline so that a committee can meet and resolve the matter. If agreement cannot be reached, the Faculty Association can request that the matter go to mediation.

Rio Hondo College Faculty Association

August 2011