Rio Hondo College Faculty Association

President's Message

​​​​​Welcome back to Fall 2018 school year!  I want to extend a warm welcome to our newly hired faculty members and welcome back our veteran members.  

This summer was a busy one with my time spent working to update our membership with our CTA Representative Lawrence Lee in preparation for the Janus case outcome.  Not only did I update many membership records but I also alerted all those who were fee payers.  It turned out that many did not know they were not members.  I am now seeing the fruits of my labor as those who were on summer break are checking their emails and applications are starting to stream in!  Thanks to all who have joined!  We are lucky that Human Resources is very supportive of our goals for membership and are working closely with myself and our new membership chair Diana Valladares.  She has taken over membership recruitment, retention, and record updates.  She will also help us update our election records so we make sure all new members are added to the roster so they can vote.  

Our By Laws committee comprised of Rudy Rios, Young Lee, and myself have completed the revision of our new By Laws template per CTA.  I am updating the Standing Rules as best I can and we will meet again to solidify the language and get these documents in the hands of our members to review this semester.  

We have started the process of negotiations for our next contract this summer with lead negotiator Adam Wetsman and our negotiations team starting the work to clean up language in the contract and lay out the proposal based on recommendations by faculty who participated in the Survey Monkey questionnaire we sent out in spring semester.  We plan to sunshine or show our proposal to the district in October, one month earlier than usual!  

In late May, our exec decided to endorse all three of our Board of Trustee candidates for re-election and we reaffirmed our commitment in August at our retreat.  Madeline Shapiro in area 5 has 2 opponents, Mary Ann Pacheco in area 3 has an opponent, and Norma Garcia in area 1 has an opponent.  With the news that the President is retiring, it is imperative that our college has experienced Board of Trustee members who work well together and understand the process of the presidential search and selection.  Madeline, Mary Ann, and Norma are very active in their communities representing Rio Hondo College and have many endorsements!  They represent us well and it's important that we stand together as a faculty body to support their re-election!  Please come out to phone bank Mondays and Thursdays, 4-8pm starting September 17th at CTA Headquarters in Santa Fe Springs.  Contact me for more details!  We will have sign up sheets at our meetings.  As a thank you for your service we will have dinner served and a swag bag with our new promotional items with our logo!!  

Please come to our meetings held the third Thursday of every month, starting September 20th, 12:45-2PM in the A building boardroom.   We will discuss updates on the state of affairs of our association, our local CCA, and for the state of California.  These are challenging times for public education and especially for associations like ours so your engagement and participation has never been more important!  I look forward to meeting new faculty and seeing old (and young :-) friends for lunch!

Finally, join me in thanking our dedicated faculty association exec board who help to make this organization strong!  I’m honored to be working among these amazing people.  

VP Rudy Rios, Treasurer  Jeanie Liu, Secretary  Marie Eckstrom, At-Large Jose Lara, At Large Raquel Flores-Olson, Part-time Rep. Martha Carreon and Casey Jones, Past President/Grievance Chair Sergio Guzman, Membership Chair Diana Valladares, NEA Rep. Julius Thomas, Lead Negotiator Adam Wetsman, Negotiations Team: Shelly Spencer, Kathy Pudelko, Dorali Prichardo-Diaz, Rudy Rios, Casey Jones  

PAC:  Raquel Flores-Olson (Chair), Sergio Guzman, and Martha Carreon 

Jill Pfeiffer- August 2018