​​​Welcome to our revived RHCFA website!  I want to extend a warm welcome to our newly hired faculty members and welcome back our veteran members and remind you that the faculty association is here to support you.  

If you didn’t know already, Rio Hondo is one of the colleges that is lucky enough to have what we call an “agency fee, wall to wall unit”.  This means that our entire faculty body pays fees into our organization whether or not they decide to become members creating a “fair share” for everyone. “Fair share” lingo means that by having everyone pay dues, we are all in it together and benefit from the work our negotiations team does to bargain for things like our recent 2.5% raise or negotiate state mandated legislation like our recent part-time rehire rights.  This creates a unified and harmonious body that contributes to our success in creating a healthy working environment for all whether you are tenure-track, tenured, or part-time faculty.  There is a saying from California Teachers Association that an excellent working environment for faculty creates an excellent learning environment for students.  After all, that is what Rio Hondo is all about, service to our students.

Stay tuned because our mother ship, California Teachers Association and our local Community College Association, is concerned that our right to fair share may be in jeopardy again and it may be as soon as April 2018.   Please take a moment to read the River's Deep newsletter this spring to learn about the Janus case!  The Supreme Court is set to hear the Janus case February 26th, 2018.  CTA expects that we will lose our right to fair share which will mean that those who choose not to become members and pay their fair share must still be represented by the union.  So basically some who don't join will become free riders, riding off the backs of the members who pay to keep our organization running.  We don't want to see this happen because it will create a fractured faculty.  The administration is also concerned about having a strong union membership because a portion of our dues go to CTA who uses that money to fight for public education funding for k-14.  Yes we are grades 13-14 and Rio Hondo has been awarded over 52 million dollars in the last 6 years as a result of the work of CTA on props 30 and 55 to fund public schools in California.  Your membership is like having an insurance policy to protect funding for your job and to provide you with the best benefits if there were any legal issues related to the performance of your job or if anything were to happen to you.  CTA and NEA provide free death and dismemberment payout, 2 million in coverage in case of legal problems on the job, and many travel and other discounted insurance benefits!  www.ctamemberbenefits.org


Please come to our meetings held the third Thursday of every month, starting February 15th, 12:45-2PM in the A building boardroom.   We will discuss updates on the state of affairs of our association, our local CCA, and for the state of California.  These are challenging times for public education and especially for associations like ours so your engagement and participation has never been more important!  I look forward to meeting new faculty and seeing old (and young :-) friends for lunch!

Finally, join me in thanking our dedicated faculty association exec board who help to make this organization strong!  I’m honored to be working among these amazing people.  

VP Rudy Rios, Treasurer  Jeanie Liu, Secretary  Marie Eckstrom, At-Large Jose Lara, At Large Janet Cha, Part-time Rep. Martha Carreon, Past President/Grievance Chair Sergio Guzman, NEA Rep. Julius Thomas, Lead Negotiator Adam Wetsman, Negotiations Team: Shelly Spencer, Kathy Pudelko, Dorali Prichardo-Diaz, Rudy Rios, Casey Jones  

PAC:  Joaquin Duran and Casey Jones

Jill Pfeiffer- February 2018

Rio Hondo College Faculty Association

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